DDG Plays RWBY 2: Time to be BOAR-ed..

We are gonna call this series DRWBY, let me explain. The game is called RWBY, but we were drinking while recording, hence the ‘D’, also who doesn’t want to add a lil ‘D’ to things……am I right?… I like run on sentences, give me some run on sentences, who cares about grammar, when you can just add commas, *hums* *bobs head*, yah. THE END.

This game was lovingly made by Rooster Teeth and is available on Steam. If you want to hit stuff with a female protagonist it’s the game for you. And NO it isn’t sexist. I’m watching you feminist. -_-

Rooster Teeth links:
•Rooster Teeth YOUTUBE – www.youtube.com/channel/UCzH3iADRIq1IJlIXjfNgTpA
www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBVPK8x-XMhfvq9OX25BV2LAbFSjbOQh (this is adorable ♥)

Find it on Steam:

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